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The unique application and main advantages of reinforced link sleeve

Source:       Author:      Time:2016-01-18

Because the bottom reinforced link sleeve roll forming steel structure, reinforced by the amount of wood thermal processor, rebar strength of individual war mentioned, with weakened ribs bottom diameter less than base diameter of steel substrate. The effect, so that the intensity strength of the substrate adjacent joints, metal filling can really play its strength and ductility under war a round will be in a small area in the construction of a manipulation enhanced decomposition of dilute set will be agile, results are as follows: to advance in the factory, to ensure the amount of construction equipment for each type of rolling head line can handle the floor and the basement with the construction of pollution, There is nothing comparable to this advantage, no fire operations, safety and environmental protection, such as far 400 joints of large, and to facilitate the detection of all-weather Construction: the construction is not necessary to use specific testing equipment, just to see the dew Wire reinforced dental status can be determined amount plus the amount of applicable: fighting all African earthquake reinforced concrete reinforced soil structure adjacent items, the main advantage is as follows:

1 steel sleeve, not to teach composition, pay fruit elements, climate, electricity, and many other factors will affect the;

2 no pollution, open the corresponding environmental protection requirements, no open flame operation and construction safety and reliability;

3 widely applicable restrictions, applicable to all types of spaces and the same circle, the reduction of adjacent reinforcement;

4 the strength is big, reliable fluctuation, operation is simple, construction speed is quick, the ability teaching performance is good.