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How to test whether the joint is qualified

Source:       Author:      Time:2016-01-18

Uniaxial tensile test of rolling straight thread joint damage in the form of three: tensile steel materials, pull off the sleeve, reinforced slipping from the sleeve, as long as meet the strength requirements, any form of damage can be judge as qualified. Acceptance of steel bar (stripping rib) rolling straight thread wire

1, steel wire head processing should be individually self, unqualified wire head should be cut off re processing;

2, inspection of wire head, by the quality inspector random sampling inspection, to a working class processing silk head for a batch acceptance, a random sampling of 10%, when the qualified rate of less than 95%, double sampling, re examination qualified rate is still less than 95%, coping all the wire head tests them one by one.

3, the appearance and the shape of the test: steel wire screw should be lines should be full, there shall be no large diameter thread below the pitch diameter of thread incomplete thread. Large diameter thread pitch diameter greater than and less than the standard diameter of defective thread, the cumulative length of not more than two thread perimeter.

4, screw thread length with special ring gauge inspection in the ring gauge of the gap.

5, rolling thread thread thread thread through the inspection, the regulation can be screwed into.

6, rolling thread thread thread check, check the rules can not be screwed into or can not be fully screwed into.

7, straight thread rolling straight thread of the strength of the strength of the 1 joints in JGJ107-2003.

8, reinforced straight thread head should have protective cap or connecting sleeve protection wire head