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Opening bank: Dingxing Construction Bank

Address: No. 198, Huajian Road, Development Zone, Dingxing County, Hebei Province.

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Enterprise culture
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Quality policy:

Exceed customer’s expectation and keep moving.

Quality objectives:

99%product qualification rate of components, 96% first acceptance rate of complete machine

99%product qualification rate of connecting sleeves, 99% customer satisfaction rate.

Service commitment:

Six months product warranty, lifelong service, on-site training and technical guideline.

Maintenance service:

We offer services within 24hours in Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding; 72 hours in other areas; we offer field service in high demand areas; circuiting service in low demand areas.

Business philosophy: conduct yourself before doing business.

“Conduct yourself before doing business” is the business philosophy of Huajian Machinery. Being a man emphasizes personal morality and character. In the process of doing business, character is critical element that determines whether a businessman can succeed or not. That is because it is impossible to be respected and even harder to win trust of customers without a charismatic businessman and entrepreneur. Of course, what South Nekon says doesn’t necessary mean that you need to be a perfect man before doing business. Nevertheless, it emphasizes the importance of personality, morality, spirit, fair deal, civilized competition, lawful operation and prosper through hard work during the process of doing business. All these are the basic requirement of “Conduct yourself before doing business”.

Business purposes: credit first, honest personhood.

Huajian Machinery sticks to the business purpose of “credit first, honest personhood”. Credit means honesty and reputation which require keeping promises and maintaining image. Only in this way can we win a good reputation among customers and trust so as to enjoy the reward brought by intangible asset---credit. And also because of this, “Nekon” brand can receive a good reputation among the majority of customers.

Quality objective

100% qualified rate of Huajian Machinery products, perfection and 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Product features
General features of Huajian Machinery products: nice appearance, easy operation and humanity design. Our products adopt advanced techniques and have excellent quality and reasonable prices.

Employment principle

“Recruitment, sincere cooperation and owner orientation” is the enterprise workplace strategy of Huajian Machinery. Based on the principle of “merit-oriented appointment and full trust”, our company offers a stage for all kinds of talented people to display their talents. In addition, in the process of personnel recruitment, employment and selection, we emphasize moral character and ideological quality.