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Opening bank: Dingxing Construction Bank

Address: No. 198, Huajian Road, Development Zone, Dingxing County, Hebei Province.

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Baoding Huajian Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional production enterprise for connected devices and connecting sleeves of construction steel bar in China. Our company has been awarded the Well-known Trademark of Hebei and Famous Brand of Hebei and is the industry leader.

Our company is founded in 1970 and has become a national medium-two-type enterprise. It is classified as Industry demonstration base for national steel bar connection new technology promotion by Ministry of Construction and the fixed-point production enterprises of steel bar connection technology and corollary equipment of Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Water Recourses. It is the fixed-point production enterprise of construction machinery in Hebei province and the training center of operation of construction steel bar connected devices in Hebei province. It is the drafting and writing unit of industry standard JG163-2004 Rolled Parallel Thread Splicing of Rebars of Ministry of Construction.

Our company is located in the high-tech provincial level of economic development zone of Dingxing county, Hebei province. It covers an area of over 50,000 square meters with a building area of over 30,000 square meters. It is in the heartland of Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding, west to tourist attraction---Western Qing Tombs and Langya Mountain, east to pearl of north China---Baiyangdian, with Jing-Guang highway, railway and Jing-Shen expressway running north and south, so the traffic is very convenient.

Our company assets is RMB 150,000,000 with over 1,300 workers, among which professional technical personnel is 260. Therefore, technical force is very strong. Our company has complete testing means (possessing physical and chemical laboratories, mechanical laboratories and measurement laboratories). Our company has a reliable and operational quality assurance system and has achieved ISO9001 international quality system certification. Our company has efficient logistics distribution capacity with more than 50 transport vehicles. Our company has advanced production equipment with over 3,000 reinforced rolling straight thread machines annually and over 30,000,000 sleeves of various kinds annually. Its annual output value is RMB 180,000,000.

Our company has explored a high performance staff training system which provides a talent support for high-speed development of enterprise. Our company has the independence R&D capability. Therefore, in order to meet the rapid development of construction industry and the situation of increased reinforced concrete frame structure, we have developed high energy saving, high materials saving, high efficient and environmental friendly series steel bar connected devices which are favored by users when they are put into market. These devices are widely used in provincial key projects and municipal key projects among which the most influential national key projects are: Three Gorges Spillway Project, Square Stadium---Bird’s Nest, Olympic Village, Olympic Garden, Olympic Sports Center, Tianjin Olympic Stadium, National Theatre, China Nuclear Industry Fast Reactor Project, Capital Airport, Seven Star Morgan Square, Guangxi Longtan Hydropower Station, Yunnan Jinghong Hydropower Station and other large-scale projects. They all adopt our company products. In addition, we have entered the global market---Egypt Chinese School, Pakistan Nuclear Power Plant Project Unit-2 and so on.

Our company has won market reputation with high quality products and first class service and established “Xinhuajian” brand. We will continue to cherish the cooperation with new and old friends and warmly welcome customers to visit our company.